UK maids are different, more expensive for a start. I like ecomaid because they offer a range of services including after party clean ups, pre move, exit move and deep clean.

Playing games or , wait a minute  any idea about cleaning the house ?

What you will choose , you have to chose house cleaning . Because this is your house you have to Do it , but why Not spend  some money any book a maid cleaning service  dont be a miser , make time for playing games , thats called life . Play games vs house cleaning 🤑🙍

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Too hard to Finding good house cleaning maid service in dubai ?

Hi , I will telling you the answer for this problem.  is not. Why i tell this ? Beacause we deal with ecomaid. Sounds good ?  All right , let me explain to you about this, as usually  in the dubai we can see lot of house cleaning service , its good know ?? But how .. read more

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Dubai weather is hurting ?

Dont ‘t worry about the rainy weather on Dubai , some time its freezing and its makes also lazy, kids lazy to go home . grab the maid service from ecomaid Dubai largest and trustworthy maid service . 

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Plant and mineral based cleaning solutions

Hello Mrs Devine ecomaid use 100% plant and mineral based cleaning solutions. Just ask the helpful Filipino maids for adivse, they are well trained.

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Eco friendly cleaning

Hi can you tell me something more about the eco friendly products you use

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Nanny service too!

Mrs Devine I saw your post. Yes, ecomaid provide a baby sitting service. They have also provided me with a nanny when necessary. My older kids think she’s great.

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Baby sitting

Quality Baby Sitting in Dubai With the stress of everyday life sometimes even the most dedicated parents require a break from their kids. To help you out during these times, here at ecomaid we offer quality baby sitting in Dubai. When employing a babysitting service you want to know that the people taking care of .. read more

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Quality service

I find the service high quality. The English speaking Filipino maids are dedicated and well trained with a great atttitude.  

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Guaranteed service

Do you know that we guarantee attendance to your service for all our customers ? Even if  someone is off sick, we will send a replacement staff, you will never be disappointed or let down ever by ecomaid. Call us for latest prices and professional cleaning service from our experienced staff.

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Launch of new website

We are happy to announce launch of our brand new website this June. Easy to use and mobile friendly interface and online booking form now available for our customer’s convenience 24/7 and we will respond very soon to attend to your request.

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