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We have been offering house cleaning services in Dubai for over 10 years!

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Apartment Cleaning Service in Dubai

Ecomaid is not only know for being the first eco friendly maid service, it is also know for doing a great job.

If you ‘re looking for the best cleaning company in Dubai to help with freshening up your flat or preparing it for new tenants, our experienced cleaner is ready to assist you. You can rely on us to work to the highest of standards with diligence and respect for every job we take.

Using Eco Friendly cleaning products will not be a problem for our experienced cleaning staff, just ask! We do our absolute best to keep you your apartment or flat as clean and fresh as possible.

Size is not an issue as we are able to clean an apartment of any size.

That means we do;

  • studio apartment cleaning
  • 1 Bedroom apartment cleaning
  • 2 Bedroom apartment cleaning
  • 3 Bedroom apartment cleaning
  • 4 Bedroom apartment cleaning
  • 5 Bedroom apartment cleaning

Villa Cleaning Service in Dubai

Villa Cleaning

Our Villa cleaning service in Dubai specializes in keeping your beautiful villa hygienic all year round. There is no longer a reason to fear having germs build up around your home. Our cleaning materials are Eco Friendly and are non toxic, so you can rest assured that our products are safe for any sized family, even pets.

If you have a small or large villa in Dubai, we can clean it. We have been specializing in villa cleaning for over 10 years.
We can even straighten out those old rooms that you don't use and bring the back to life. We are devoted to being one of the best residential house cleaning companies in Dubai, and we are confident you wlil be thoroughly satisfied from your first try.

Our maids are trained to do an exceptional job, and are extremely professional and trustworthy. Home cleaning services for villas are a breeze for Ecomaid.

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